As a special projects writer at The Villages Daily Sun (2013-2015), Kathryn was the go-to leader for a variety of in-depth reports. She traveled across the nation, connected with industry experts and top researchers, deciphered the latest studies and tapped into residents’ deepest concerns and values. (Many of these stories credit her maiden name, Stolarz.) Please click on the titles below to read these reports.

  • Battling memory’s greatest adversary — So many things in play that help extend our lives and improve our quality of life, yet Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia threaten it all. Here’s a comprehensive look at a gravely important subject, and how the quest to conquer it is slowly picking up momentum. Plus, three caregivers provide a glimpse of what’s to come for millions more if we let up on the push to beat memory’s greatest adversary. (Kathryn’s story starts on A1.)
  • Spirituality, Religion and Longevity — Bowing in prayer, attending worship, taking part in mission trips and other connections to God or a higher power leads to more years and better years, studies show. Our in-depth report takes a look at the benefits spirituality and religion can bring. See it at work in some centenarians. (Kathryn’s stories start on A1 and A4.)
  • How the link between marriage and longevity is shaping our society — The Villages is home to the country’s largest percentage of married couples for metropolitan populations. And that’s great news as we unveil evidence that shows married people have a better quality of life and live longer. We also introduce you to a few faces who are living proof. (Kathryn’s stories start on A1 and A5.)
  • Villages Charter School’s 15 years of impact — For 15 years, The Villages Charter School has made an impact on the community and students it serves. This special report examines how it all got started, the formula to maintaining its consistent A-rating status in the state and the impact its alums are making, including some who choose to come back home. (My stories start on A1, A4, A5, A8.)
  • Move Over — Daily Sun Special Report on Florida’s “Move Over” law and the problems that occur when motorists don’t adhere to it. (Kathryn’s stories start on A1, A4, A8.)
  • America’s organ crisis — Daily Sun Special Reports provide a look at the nation’s organ donor crisis. Daily Sun reporters traveled the country and into our backyards to capture details on this escalating dilemma and what can be done to save lives. We share the touching stories of those involved. (Kathryn’s story is on A4.)
  • The Longest Day — An examination of why the most expensive disease in America remains woefully underfunded. (Kathryn’s story is on A8.)
  • Cops and Cameras — A pro-con examination of the issues around body cameras and the eyeball economy. (Kathryn’s stories start on A1 and A9.)
  • Running for Their Lives — Inside Florida’s disturbing track record of greyhound racing deaths. (Kathryn’s story is on A4.)